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Florian Stecker 2022-06-12 12:44:34 +02:00
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@ -0,0 +1,3 @@

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@ -7,61 +7,19 @@ SPECIAL_OPTIONS=-O3 -flto -funroll-loops -Winline
OPTIONS=-m64 -march=native -mtune=native -std=gnu99 -D_GNU_SOURCE $(SPECIAL_OPTIONS)
all: discreteness singular_values nondiscrete traces element_path limit_set hyperbolic ellipticity
singular_values: singular_values.o triangle.o linalg.o
gcc $(OPTIONS) -o singular_values triangle.o linalg.o singular_values.o -lm -lgsl -lcblas
nondiscrete: nondiscrete.o triangle.o linalg.o
gcc $(OPTIONS) -o nondiscrete triangle.o linalg.o nondiscrete.o -lm -lgsl -lcblas
traces: traces.o triangle.o linalg.o
gcc $(OPTIONS) -o traces triangle.o linalg.o traces.o -lm -lgsl -lcblas
discreteness: discreteness.o triangle.o linalg.o
gcc $(OPTIONS) -o discreteness triangle.o linalg.o discreteness.o -lm -lgsl -lcblas
element_path: element_path.o linalg.o
gcc $(OPTIONS) -o element_path element_path.o linalg.o -lm -lgsl -lcblas
limit_set: limit_set.o linalg.o triangle.o
gcc $(OPTIONS) -o limit_set limit_set.o linalg.o triangle.o -lm -lgsl -lcblas
all: hyperbolic
hyperbolic: hyperbolic.o triangle.o linalg.o
gcc $(OPTIONS) -o hyperbolic hyperbolic.o triangle.o linalg.o -lm -lgsl -lcblas
ellipticity: ellipticity.o triangle.o linalg.o
gcc $(OPTIONS) -o ellipticity ellipticity.o triangle.o linalg.o -lm -lgsl -lcblas
singular_values.o: singular_values.c $(HEADERS)
gcc $(OPTIONS) -c singular_values.c
nondiscrete.o: nondiscrete.c $(HEADERS)
gcc $(OPTIONS) -c nondiscrete.c
traces.o: traces.c $(HEADERS)
gcc $(OPTIONS) -c traces.c
discreteness.o: discreteness.c $(HEADERS)
gcc $(OPTIONS) -c discreteness.c
element_path.o: element_path.c $(HEADERS)
gcc $(OPTIONS) -c element_path.c
linalg.o: linalg.c $(HEADERS)
gcc $(OPTIONS) -c linalg.c
triangle.o: triangle.c $(HEADERS)
gcc $(OPTIONS) -c triangle.c
limit_set.o: limit_set.c $(HEADERS)
gcc $(OPTIONS) -c limit_set.c
hyperbolic.o: hyperbolic.c $(HEADERS)
gcc $(OPTIONS) -c hyperbolic.c
ellipticity.o: ellipticity.c $(HEADERS)
gcc $(OPTIONS) -c ellipticity.c
rm -f singular_values nondiscrete traces discreteness element_path limit_set hyperbolic ellipticity triangle.o linalg.o singular_values.o nondiscrete.o traces.o discreteness.o element_path.o limit_set.o hyperbolic.o ellipticity.o
rm -f hyperbolic triangle.o linalg.o hyperbolic.o